Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Which model commercial microwave oven should I purchase?Answer:Select the model that best suits your speed requirements and the average expected daily workload you expect your oven to perform. Each Bonn commercial microwave model has a daily workload rating to assist you in selecting the most cost effective oven for your requirements.
Question:Can I put metal in a commercial microwave oven?Answer:Although it is possible in some microwave ovens to use metal dishes we do not recommend using metal dishes under any circumstances. The potential damage to your microwave is significant unless you have the knowledge to understand when and how to use metal.
Question:Does my microwave need to be ventilated?Answer:Nearly all microwaves need to be positioned with enough clearance to allow sufficient ventilation for the oven to breathe and prevent overheating. Each microwave has different requirements therefore this should be checked before positioning in the kitchen.
Question:I never use my microwave to cook, only to reheat. Do I need a lighter duty oven?Answer:There is no difference between cooking and re-heating, the oven performs the same amount of work. Therefore purchase the oven that best suits the total amount of work you expect the oven to perform.
Question:How do I clean my microwave?Answer:Avoid using harsh cleaning agents & chemicals as they may break down door seals and films. A damp cloth with a mild soapy solution will remove most fat and grease.
Question:What kind of regular servicing does my oven require?Answer:All microwave ovens must be kept clean. Some models will also require regular cleaning of the air filter and stirrer cover.
Question:Can I heat multiple quantities in the microwave?Answer:Microwave ovens are more effective at heating single items at a time. Multiple quantities can often be heated successfully however in some instances depending on product even heating of product may not be possible.
Question:Will a commercial microwave oven be faster than a domestic microwave oven?Answer:While most commercial microwave ovens are of higher power than domestic microwave ovens not all are. The speed of any microwave oven is determined by the power output wattage. The wattage will determine the speed of the oven. Some higher power domestic ovens are faster than lower power commercial ovens. The commercial oven will however be able to perform reliably for longer periods of time.